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 Pars Maghareh Co. (P.M.C) was established in 2003 by Iran Electrical Equipment Engineering Co. , which herself as a main local manufacturer of electrical equipments for overhead power transmission lines , was founded in 1991,then totally owned by Saba Co ,the investing arm of the Ministry of Power & Utilities.

The complete production line equipment, machineries and the know-how were supplied by reputable European companies in glass insulator production field. Finally in 2006 , installation & commissioning operations ended under supervision of the supplier in our site located in Takestan-Ghazvin.

Today, Pars Maghareh Co. is the sole manufacturer of “toughened glass insulators” in the Middle East and one of a few worldwide. The range of our products includes the full spectrum of standard and anti-fog insulators from 40KN to 300KN, which their electrical and mechanical characteristics are well above the specified values in related standards such as IEC, ANSI and BS.

Pars Maghareh insulators have successfully passed the standard type tests in authorized international and national laboratories and the related quality certificates have been granted in this respect.

Full Directory

 Name of Company: Pars Maghareh (PMC)

 Date of Establishment: June 10, 2003

 Registration No.: 204255

 Invested Capital: 3.500.000,00 €

 Shareholders: 100% Private

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