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Operators of the transmission lines ideally prefer to forget about the insulators for decades after installation. This mainly depends on placing quality at all levels of the company from design , manufacturing and testing up to supply and after-sales services .We in pars maghareh company believe in that Q.C department is client’s agent for ensuring that the overall quality policy is enforced , regarded and respected at all levels of operations .




Getting such certification ensures that all methods and procedures are the same in manufacturing of all insulators. This enable us to supply all customers world wide and national wide with insulators of the same quality.

Pars maghareh company recently achieved accreditation to iso 9001/2008 issued by TUV interfere, independent cortication   body for production of various types of toughened glass insulators.

The quality control dept. in Pars Maghareh Co. possess the material laboratory for controlling the material analysis and also mechanical laboratory for performing thermal, dimensional and mechanical tests insulator. also Pars Maghareh Co. containing the high-voltage lab for performing electrically tests on her product.



 This department is responsible for:

  • Evolution of insulator product designs with the best possible performance to withstand the many and various electrical, mechanical and environmental stresses applied through out their expected service life time.

  • Defining the manufacturing process control and testing procedures necessary to provide the highest level of assurance that assembled insulators and their component parts will meet the originally intended product performance requirements.

  • In fact this department is in charge of all the testing related to the controls of the characteristics of the products and the production process. Such mission is accomplished in close collaboration with the production and quality control departments.


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