Toughened Glass Insulators

 Insulators are devices which are used in Electrical Supply Networks to supply and separate conductors at high voltage transmission lines. All insulators have dual functions: providing mechanical support for the conductors and also preventing   passage of electrical current to ground.

Although, insulators make a few percentage of the total cost of overhead line projects; they have a great and inevitable role in reliability of the lines, and safety of people's daily life .

Since 1950s, use of toughened glass insulators increased on all high voltage overhead lines, for AC up to 800kV and for DC up to 600kV. The reliability of high quality toughened glass insulators and easy maintenance are of key factors to its success.


Why toughened glass?

  Annealed glass insulators are susceptible to micro cracks, voids and inclusions especially on their surface. Under mechanical (Impact or tension) and electrical loads, these might cause crack initiation and propagation leading to complete shattering of the insulator.

For overcoming these deficiencies "Toughening" process was introduced in late 1940s which improved the mechanical characteristics of molded glass dielectric shells without affecting their already superior electrical properties. Since then toughened glass insulators have been increasingly used on high voltage overhead lines, worldwide. PARS MAGHAREH Company uses "Toughening" process in its manufacturing line.



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