According to specific formula, raw materials after being weighed and mixed in batch plant are transferred to melting furnace. Glass gobs are formed to insulator shell on the press table and after homogenization in LEHR, go to toughening station. Toughened glass shells pass through a thermal shock line for screening the defected parts. Whole process is fully automated and controlled by PLC. 


Glass Storage

For higher reliability of toughened glass insulators in service   conditions, as a routine process all produced glass shells are stored in outdoor for two successive seasons. This ensures that very fine micro cracks possibly existing in toughened glass shells will grow and lead to breakage thus reducing the risk of failure in service.







Glass shells are assembled with ductile iron caps and forged steel pins using aluminous cement through a

semi automated assembly line. All the metallic parts are hot dip galvanized. After 24 hours the insulators come out from curing water pool and completed with split pins.





For a safe and convenient transportation and handling, the insulators are packed in wooden crates and then on pallets.


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